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Influencing people to do the right thing when it comes to health and safety should be easy, shouldn’t it?

Yet it is actually a key skill. Traditionally, training has mostly focused on the technical skill set and, no doubt, your team has the requisite knowledge and technical skills at their fingertips. But how good are they at appealing to the emotional brain of their audience as well as the rational one? Are they able to give a compelling presentation that inspires rather than bores the audience?

Unless we are brilliant in our chosen specialism, it is very difficult to thrive in any business these days with a purely technical skill set. Our ability to influence, network, present formally and informally, manage and lead will be what defines our career progression.

Influence and Leadership Training Courses

Influencing Skills of Health and Safety Professionals

This course has been developed to provide a basic skill-set in influencing. Engaging and interactive, the course looks at empathy and emotional intelligence, the keys to influencing, your personal influencing style and practical active non-judgemental listening skills. Click here to download the course pdf.

Secrets of Influence in Construction Course

In a high pressure environment where “programme” is king, tempers can get frayed. This course was developed together with Mount Anvil with Site Managers in mind, but is relevant to anyone working in a construction environment. The course sets out to demonstrate that whilst certain behaviours may be seen to get the job done more quickly, they may have consequences for all – on both positive outcomes for the project and the mental health of those working in Construction. Click here to download the course pdf.

Healthy Work also delivers a range of leadership programmes which map to Acre Frameworks and can also be mapped to IOSH Blueprint. These programmes include:

  • Strategy development
  • Driving Change through others
  • Developing an executive disposition
  • Developing Commercial acumen
  • High performance teams
  • Innovation and Risk taking
  • Global management
Leadership & Influencing courses

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