Mental Health and Wellbeing

We all want to work in an organisation which thrives, with the resulting benefits in productivity and happiness.

Yet we also know that mental health is a burning issue in business today with the HSE’s latest statistics showing that stress (together with mental ill-health conditions like anxiety and depression), accounts for 37% of all work-related ill-health cases.

The health and safety profession is perfectly positioned to lead and influence the organisation’s wellbeing strategy, using the lessons already learnt from managing and directing safety.

At Healthy Work we can provide you with a step-by-step approach which is tailored for your organisation, uses employee engagement and shows quick wins along the way.

Training Courses Available:

Mental Health First Aid
Half-day, one-day or two-day courses in mental health first aid. These courses raise awareness of the issues, and the two-day course will leave your organisation with official mental health first aiders. Click here to download the course pdf.

Managing Stress in Your Team
This one-day training course will leave your managers considerably more comfortable in asking questions of their team to uncover stress, and will provide them with tools to address issues, as well as the HR employment law which they need to be aware of. This has been put together between Healthy Work and Employment Lawyers Loch Associates. Click here to download the course pdf.

Lunch and Learn
We can provide three-hour short awareness-raising sessions for your team: “We all have mental health”.


Through our  partnership with Dr Itai Ivtzan, a world renowned expert on Mindfulness and programme leader for the Positive Psychology course at UEL, we can provide introductions or courses on Mindfulness.


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