Double Webinar Package – 2 Webinars of your choice



Our full suite of interactive training webinars are designed to run with either Zoom or GoTo Meeting Training, but we can also use whichever technology you have in-house.  They use polls, chat, hands-up and are speedy and focused. Whilst they occur over less time than a face to face course the learning outcomes are the same – but intense!

They are off the shelf solutions, but we can tailor to include your internal points of next support at no extra charge. If you would like your policies and procedures including, we will be able to tailor the webinars for you at a small additional fee.

If opting for two webinars you benefit from a reduced price of just £1,795.00 plus VAT.

  • All pricing is plus VAT
  • 5% of each webinar goes to charity – decided by poll on each webinar
  • Each webinar attracts a maximum of 30 attendees

We will be in contact regarding which webinars you would like us to deliver.


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