Influencing and Leadership Training

Influencing people to do the right thing when it comes to health and safety should be easy, shouldn’t it?

Yet it is actually a key skill. Traditionally, training has mostly focused on the technical skill set and, no doubt, your team has the requisite knowledge and technical skills at their fingertips. But how good are they at appealing to the emotional brain of their audience as well as the rational one? Are they able to give a compelling presentation that inspires rather than bores the audience?

Unless we are brilliant in our chosen specialism, it is very difficult to thrive in any business these days with a purely technical skill set. Our ability to influence, network, present formally and informally, manage and lead will be what defines our career progression.

The Core Skills of Leadership and Influencing course can be delivered over one, two or three days with 3-4 modules covered each day.

We will be running a one-day open course in Central London in September, click here for more information and to book.

Foundation module
  • Who is your customer and how do they perceive you
  • The power of personal responsibility
  • Emotional and rational brain - you and your customer
  • Power of habits, neuroplasticity and focus
Mandatory for all one, two or three-day courses
Emotional Intelligence and Influence
  • Theories of influence from Aristotle, Golman to Carnegie
Building Powerful Health and Safety Teams
  • Belbin team roles
  • Strengths/values work (Martin Seligman)
  • De Bono’s 6 thinking hats
One to one communication
  • The principles of a coaching mindset
  • Active and constructive responding vs destructive responding (the rule of 5) – Martin Seligman
  • Transactional analysis – Eric Baine
Building personal impact
  • Personal brand
Formal presentation skills
  • Content
  • Delivery
The power of storytelling
  • How stories work
  • A story map
Difficult conversations
  • Decipher the underlying structure of every difficult conversation
  • Start a conversation without defensiveness
  • Listen for the meaning of what is not said
  • Move from emotion to productive problem solving
Informal networks
  • Mapping your network
  • Working on influence
Managing Time through focus
  • It is our relationship to time, not time itself which is the issue.
  • The importance of goals and focus
  • Isolation of time wasters and what can be done about them

Healthy Work also delivers a range of leadership programmes which map to Acre Frameworks and can also be mapped to IOSH Blueprint. These programmes include:

  • Strategy development
  • Driving Change through others
  • Developing an executive disposition
  • Developing Commercial acumen
  • High performance teams
  • Innovation and Risk taking
  • Global management

These programmes are all usually delivered in house but we will be delivering some open courses in 2017. Contact us to book a course for your company or to enquire about open courses.

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