Our full suite of interactive training webinars are designed to run with GoTo Meeting Training, but we can also use whichever technology you have in house.  They use polls, chat, hands-up and are speedy and focused. Whilst they occur over less time than a face to face course the learning outcomes are the same – but intense!

They are off the shelf solutions, but we can tailor to include your internal points of next support at no extra charge. If you would like your policies and procedures included, we will be able to bespoke for you at a small additional fee.

Healthy Home Working Webinars

In these unprecedented times, a lot of people are going to be thrust into working from home who perhaps have only done so on occasion before. These webinars are designed to make the transition as smooth as possible for your teams – ensuring they are as productive as possible, whilst safeguarding their mental and physical health.

  • Healthy Working From Home
  • Healthy Working From Home for Managers
  • Mental health awareness
Healthy working from home webinar
Healthy Working from Home (50 minutes)

This webinar is designed to look at the basics of how to look after yourself from home more effectively.  As well as calling on research from Nuffield Health, Public Health England and Positive Psychology, it also uses real life examples from seasoned full-time home workers.

It looks at ensuring people have the right knowledge to take responsibility for:


  • Making it as healthy and safe as possible
  • Physical comfort and conducive to work


  • Starting up and closing down the day
  • Optimum breaks and how to make those easier to take

Physical & mental health

  • Nutrition and water
  • Exercise and Fresh Air
  • Manufacturing social connections
Healthy Working From Home for Managers webinar
Healthy Working from Home for Managers (75 minutes)

This webinar is an hour long and contains everything from the Healthy Working from Home session (managers are human beings too!) and also how to manage people remotely. Managing remote teams presents its own set of challenges but we'll give you the tools to ensure teams are healthy, happy and productive.

It provides knowledge of:

What good communication looks like

  • Regularity, method and tone
  • Picking up that someone is struggling

How to measure and monitor

  • Your culture, the role and options
  • Creating boundaries

More Webinars

Other webinars based on our highly successful face to face courses.

Conversations for Managers webinar
Manager Conversations About Wellbeing (90 minutes)

Even the most empathetic manager can struggle having a conversation with someone struggling with their mental health (or indeed a physical issue). They worry about straying into personal territory/being intrusive, they think they need to have lots of answers for the person and they worry about falling over the law and ending up in a tribunal.

This 90-minute webinar helps provide confidence in this area including some practice with what they would say using case studies.

It covers knowledge of:

What is mental health and what is wellbeing?

  • The impact of mental and physical health on each other
  • The mental health continuum
  • The impact of stress

How to have a conversation with someone struggling with their mental health using:

  • A: Awareness that someone is struggling
  • B: Be present – non-judgemental listening
  • C: Co-create a plan – coaching them to find next steps
  • D: Duties – your duties as a manager under HR and Health and Safety Law
Sleep webinar
Sleep (60 minutes)

Did you know that our workforces are now consuming more information over more hours on less sleep than ever before?

Sleep is the key to our wellbeing, it's our daily MOT - helping us to be productive, engaged, innovative, safe, creative and empathetic at work.

This webinar provides knowledge of:

  • How sleep, energy and fatigue impact us
  • What we can do to get a better quality and quantity of sleep
  • How our mental wellbeing and work/life balance play a part in fatigue and the dangers of this in the workplace
  • How we can use our body’s natural 24 hour clock to better plan the working day
  • Top sleep hacks to help us get to sleep – and stay asleep
Mental Health Awareness webinar
Mental Health Awareness (40 minutes)

Anyone can struggle with their mental health and in today’s world it is even more critical to take responsibility for managing our own.

This 40 minute session provides knowledge of:

  • What is mental health and what is wellbeing
  • The mental and physical health connection
  • The mental health continuum
  • The part stress plays in our mental health
  • Managing our own wellbeing

You can download full details of all the webinars in our PDF Guide

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