Mental Health for Health and Safety Professionals – BMA 11 May 2017

The Healthy Work Company would like to thank all the speakers and delegates who attended our inaugural conference on 11 May at the beautiful BMA in London. It certainly was a packed day of events which left delegates inspired to focus on mental health in their organisations.

Speakers included Alastair Campbell, Professor Tim Marsh and Sharon De Mascia (psychologists), Pam Loch (HR employment specialist), Clare Forshaw (HSL), Ian Puleston-Davies (actor and writer), Amy McKeown (MHFA England), Dr Itai Ivtzan (senior lecturer at UEL), and Judith Grant, Clive Johnson and Karl Simons (senior health and safety practitioners).

As well as many statistics and case studies showing why mental health should be at the forefront of our minds, the day also included candid accounts from both Alastair Campbell and actor/writer Ian Puleston-Davies. Alastair spoke about his mental breakdown and his conversations with Tony Blair, and Ian described his day-to-day challenges with OCD and how he adapts his working, and social life because of it. They both emphasised how important it is for employers to recognise mental health issues and support those affected as best they can.

Dr Ivtzan demonstrated the effectiveness of ‘Mindfulness‘ with some simple methods that we can all use to stay more in control of our own minds, rather than our minds controlling us.

We finished the day with a panel of industry experts from Thames Water, Royal Mail and Land Securities, describing how their focus on mental health is having a real impact within their organisations and on the welfare of their employees.

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