Safety differently to business differently?

Simon Bown is Head of Health and Safety for London Luton Airport. Luton directly employs around 750 staff, indirectly 9,400 and sees almost 16 million travellers a year. Simon Bown

Luton Airport is arguably the most mature adoption of Safety Differently exemplified in the UK and Simon is passionate about the approach.

Here Simon talks to Heather Beach from The Healthy Work Company about why he believes it isn’t just safety which should be done “differently”.

Simon you’re an early proponent of safety differently but in spite of having adopted lots of its approaches, you don’t believe you can say you are a 100% “Safety Differently” until you have “Business Differently” What do you mean by that?

Simon Bown (SB): “I mean that for Safety Differently to be 100% embedded in the business I believe all departments  within the business need to be practicing the principles for safety differently – giving people autonomy, trusting your staff, listening to them, engaging with them. Let them tell you how to do their role. They are the experts.”

You can read the full article on SHP Online, here. 

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