The Healthy Work Company Launches Fatigue Mangement Short Course

Sleep: Learning Lessons from Astronauts

Are you confident your employees are turning up to work at their optimum; well rested, productive, happy and safe? The Healthy Work company’s special feature on SHP Online looks at how good sleep is the unsung hero in wellbeing, and the impact fatigue can have on the next day at work.

This is why The Healthy Work Company is now launching a fatigue management short course – exploring good sleep hygiene, shift working, and providing a series of small changes in habits which members of your team can put in place to combat fatigue and ensure everyone is working at their best.

Based on the sleep training provided to astronauts this course has been based on research from NASA and has been put together by our resident psychologist and neuroscientist, Tony Hall.

If you would like further information on our new fatigue management course, please email to find out more.  


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