The Healthy Work Company partner with Barbour EHS to launch new welbeing information service


The Healthy Work company is announcing its partnering with Barbour EHS to launch a brand new wellbeing information service, which will be the perfect toolkit to help employers, managers and employees to access a wealth of information, policies, training and more – to help create more sound wellbeing cultures in the workplace.

The new module is topically set to launch at a half day conference during Mental Health Awareness Week on May 17th 2018. It will call extensively on existing wellbeing initiatives within companies and provide access to authoritative resources from government and research bodies.

15.8 million days were lost in 2016 alone due to mental health issues, including stress, depression, anxiety and other serious conditions – ONS

Heather Beach, Director at The Healthy Work Company said: “After witnessing a really positive shift towards health within the H&S profession, we are really excited to be working with Barbour-EHS as they launch their new wellbeing information service. The service pairs extremely well with the mental health and leadership training The Healthy Work Company offers to health and safety professionals, and adds a legislative and policy base to the practical and communication skills we aim to instil”.

The new wellbeing resource module will supplement Barbour’s existing Environment Health and Safety service and will be available for a small extra cost to subscribers. It will feature:

–          Relevant legislation from health and safety and HR
–          Guidance, including the Management Standards from HSE
–          Relevant research from charities and research bodies including statistics
–          Case studies and posters from small, medium and large organisations

Teresa Higgins, Director of Barbour EHS, explained, “It is vital that companies recognise – and implement strategies to support – wellbeing as a fundamental facet of traditional health and safety procedures. Today, despite a growing understanding of the importance of mental health to productivity in the workplace, companies lack the knowledge, time and practical skills to get started.

She continued, “For those eager to remain compliant and cultivate an optimal working environment, Barbour’s new resource library will provide unparalleled access to high quality resources and practical examples from other businesses – small, medium and large. As specialist trainers in mental health The Healthy Work Company is well placed to curate this information for our customers.”

The module will be launched on May 17th at a half day conference at UBM’s offices on the 19th floor of 240 Blackfriars Road. It will feature a number of speakers, workshops and case studies, looking at wellbeing in action. The sessions will include: mental wellbeing, sleep, exercise, nutrition, wellbeing technologies, and mental health first aid.

Learn more and register your interest in attending by clicking the link below

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