Women in Health & Safety Christmas party 2017

Meet your match with speed mentoring at this year’s Women in Health & Safety Christmas party!

Women in Health & Safety, a thriving network of people who support gender equality and want to see women flourish in their profession, is having its annual Christmas party on Thursday 7 December 2017 at Blackfriars Road, London.

This year’s party run by Acre and SHP features speed mentoring, a live band, wine, beer and lots of festive cheer – all set to the backdrop of one of the best views in the city.


The festivities are themed around mentoring and include a live matchmaking programme, brand new to Women in Health & Safety. A bit like speed dating, mentors & mentees will rotate to meet each other in a series of rapid-fire conversations. Every 5 minutes a bell will ring and everyone will be moved along, meeting up to 12 potential matches in an hour. If you get a match you’ll head over to the matching booth where you’ll exchange contact details and lay the
foundations for your new relationship.

If you are not interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, that’s not a problem. You’re still very much welcome at Women in Health & Safety Christmas party – and, if you don’t know anyone else attending or if you want help meeting new people, let the organisers know on the night and they’ll happily introduce you to plenty of friendly faces.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, on your own or as part of a group – Women in Health & Safety is a network which supports gender equality and wants to see women flourish in our profession. We’re inclusive and recognise that everyone, no matter what their gender, can help us achieve this.

The Healthy Work Company hope to see you there!

What you need to know:

  • When: Thursday 7th December, 17.00 – 20.00
  • Where: UBM/SHP offices, 240 Blackfriars Road, London
  • Dress code: Christmas jumpers, Santa hats and tinsel are encouraged, although not required. Business casual is the usual attire, but wear whatever you’re comfortable in.
  • Registration: Free to attend and open to all, but spaces are limited. Register here.

What is Women in Health and Safety?

Women in Health & Safety is a thriving network of people who support gender equality and want to see women flourish in our profession. We connect in-person and online. Our get-togethers are free to attend and open to all, and we actively encourage both men and women to join us.

  • 2000 people have attended a Women in Health & Safety event
  • 2015 was when the first Women in Health & Safety event took place
  • Women in Health & Safety events take place all over the country including Norwich, London, Birmingham, Leicester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Glasgow.
  • Safety & Health Expo hosts the biggest annual Women in Health & Safety celebration in June
  • Women in Health & Safety is part of SHP

The Committee

The committee determines the best direction for Women in Health & Safety. They meet quarterly to assess feedback from past events, discuss plans for future events and come up with ideas to keep the network running effectively.

RoSPA’s Karen McDonnell sits on the committee
Clive Johnson of Land Securities also supports Women in Health and Safety

The 2017 Committee
Heather Beach, The Healthy Work Company
Teresa Budworth, NEBOSH
Rachel Butler, Overbury
Ruth Gallagher, APM Terminals
Charlotte Geoghegan, SHP and Safety & Health Expo
Judith Grant, Mace Group
Clive Johnson, Land Securities
Emily Jones, Land Securities
Karen McDonnell, Head of RoSPA Scotland, RoSPA
Rhaynukaa Soni, Director, RLS Consultants
Angelina Sooren, Churchill Services

If you’re interested in joining the committee for this year or in the future, please contact SHP.

Hosting an event

Hosting a Women in Health & Safety event is a great way to promote your brand whilst supporting women in the profession. There are two different types of event you can run: mini-meets and forums.


Mini-meets are small, informal get-togethers which don’t require much planning or organisation at all. Simply get a group together and talk about your experiences with issues affecting women in health & safety. Ideas for your mini-meet:

  • Go out for dinner
  • Meet up in a pub
  • Have a breakfast meeting
  • Get together at a conference

Mini-meets don’t have a ‘host’, as such, and attendees should cover the cost of their own refreshments, if they’re having them.

If you’d like SHP to encourage others to join your mini-meet just tell us when & where you’re meeting two weeks beforehand. You could also write a post in the Women in Health & Safety LinkedIn group if you want more people to know about it.

After your mini-meet send SHP:

  • A photo of your get-together
  • A list of people who attended
  • A summary of what you did and discussed

Then we’ll publish an article about your Women in Health & Safety mini-meet on SHP. It’s as easy as that!


Forums are generally larger events, although there is no minimum number of delegates required. Forums must be open for all professionals within our community to attend.

The benefit of hosting a forum is that SHP will help you fill it from their database of people – however that does mean some preparation time is required.

Forums are also the means of managing the mentoring programme – it is intended that as many of these meetings as possible host a speed-dating mentorship event.

If you would like to host a forum you’ll need to complete the short application form, which you’ll find below, and send it to charlotte.geoghegan@ubm.com

If your application is successful, as host, you are required to:

  • Inform SHP of your full plans for the event, as per the timeline below.
  • Provide (and cover the costs of) a suitable venue. Alternatively you can request to use our venue at 240 Blackfriars
  • Provide (and cover the costs of) drinks and nibbles for everyone attending.
  • Write a press release/promotional copy announcing the event which SHP can use in marketing.
  • Promote the event. This could be through an email to your database or posts on social media.
  • Direct all delegates to register through the Women in Health & Safety registration portal, which is managed by SHP.
  • Provide name badges for everyone attending, if your event requires them.
  • Write up a summary of the event within one week of it taking place. Send this to SHP along with photos so they can publish it.
  • Allow colleagues from anywhere in the community to attend – this might include your competitors if you are a business!

As host you can:

  • Provide one or two educational speakers. We tend to find this works best when they presenting for 30-90 mins in total. Please let SHP know if you’d like a copy of the The Speaker Handbook which is filled with useful tips.
  • Do a mentoring/mentee speed dating event
  • Provide an element of fun (e.g. a chocolate making demonstration/wine tasting).

When you host a forum, SHP is required to:

  • Provide you with all necessary logos and branding material.
  • Create and manage the registration portal where visitors sign-up.
  • Let you know how many people have registered to attend 2 weeks before, 1 week before and 1 day before the forum takes place.
  • Provide you with the full delegate list of names 1 day before the forum takes place.
  • Promote the event on the SHP website, newsletter and on social media, both before and after the forum takes place.
  • Send delegates a feedback survey to complete after the event. 

Mentor speed dating

  • Ask SHP to include in their pre-registration whether participants are interested in being a mentor or mentee
  • Ask SHP for the rules of mentorship within WIHS
  • A part of the evening will be dedicated to running a speed dating event for mentor and mentees

Terms & conditions

–          SHP owns the Women in Health & Safety brand and logo.

–          SHP reserves the right not to email their database at certain times of the year.

Timeline and checklist for host

Time What happens
8 weeks out


Let SHP know that you’re interested in hosting an event by completing the application form below.


6 weeks out


Deadline for confirming your date and venue. This information must be sent to SHP so they can plan in promotion activity.


4 weeks out Deadline for confirming your networking activity and schedule (including speakers, if you’re having them). This information must be sent to SHP.


4 weeks out Deadline for providing SHP with your press release/promotional copy for the SHP website and newsletter. NB SHP’s editor will ensure all copy meets house style before it’s published.


2-4 weeks out Promote your event.


2-4 weeks out SHP will promote the event in at least one email newsletter.


2 weeks out SHP will let you know how many people have registered
1-2 weeks out SHP will promote the event in at least one email newsletter.


1 week out SHP will let you know how many people have registered.
1 day before SHP will send you the full delegate list.
1 week after Provide SHP with a write-up of the event, including photos. This will be sent to an editor who will ensure the copy meets house style.


1-2 weeks after SHP will publish your write-up on the website.



The Healthy Work Company